Periods of Light, Periods of Darkness

As a child I grew up to appreciate natural light as a scarse commodity to be valued and cherished, since much of the time one had to be content with a dark playground and mere artificial light. When I opened my eyes in the morning to see daylight pouring in through the curtains a sense of aliveness and joy pervaded my whole being as I watched the specks of dust dancing in the sunbeams with a pure sense of wonder at and appreciation of nature’s miracles.  This is probably the case with most children all around the world but I … Continue reading

CD Review: Miles From India

I placed the first disc of this album in my player with some trepidation wondering to myself if this indeed was the long awaited holy grail of Indo-American jazz fusion. Here two streams of musical tradition dear to me come together; namely Jazz and Indian classical. The album at hand is essentially a recreation of music by Miles Davis ranging from his 50′s quintet to the late 60′s and early 70′s fusion period with most emphasis on tracks from Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew sessions.  The project has been realized by pianist/arranger Louiz Banks from India and Bob Belden from … Continue reading

Something old, something new

The past year has been one of travel, photography and new schemes. A wealth of photographic material awaits to be posted along with musings on the myriad phases of the Byzantine Empire and it’s traces in modern Istanbul. Finally I got to walk among the ruins of it’s past glory and at the same time fall in love with Istanbul’s bustling yet friendly and approachable Eurasian ways. A place I will return to sooner than later.