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CD Review: Jal / Boondh – a drop of Jal

Jal – Boondh: a drop of jal / Fire Records 2008

Hotel Review: Le Dupleix / Pondicherry

Hotel Review: Le Dupleix / Pondicherry

Tucked away in the old French quarters of the South Indian town of Pondicherry on Rue de la Caserne is a charming place called Le Dupleix. Having just stayed there and finding it thoroughly charming I would like to write a little about the establishment. Advertised as a luxury designer/heritage hotel I would say that this […]

CD Review: Motherjane / Maktub

Motherjane – Maktub / Independent 2008

Meditation and Psycho-Physiological Variables

Recently I attended the reading of a PhD thesis paper at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Ernakulam. The study was entitled: The effect of meditation on the psycho-physiological variables. During this experiment the subjects practiced the Amrita Integrated Meditation Technique for eight months amidst their day to day lives all the while remaining […]

CD Review: Mekaal Hasan Band / Saptak

Mekaal Hassan Band – Saptak / EMI (India) 2009

(a bit more) About Me

Recently someone asked me to write a bit more about myself for the blog i.e. who I am and what I do. Let it be said I don’t particularly enjoy writing about myself. I like writing about things I find exciting and that I’m interested in, with the wish that others might share my enthusiasm. […]

Bombay Lost & Found

Bombay Lost & Found

I finally picked up a copy of Maximum City: Bombay Lost & Found by Suketu Mehta during my last shopping trip to Ernakulam, the commercial capital of Kerala. This  time round I was mainly looking for some linen shirts and a new smartphone all the while trying hard to avoid bookstores as I always end up leaving […]

CD Review: Madhav Chari

Madhav Chari – Parisian Thoroughfares / Virgin Records (India) 2009

Porpoises For All Purposes

For the past few days I’ve been spending time sitting on my favorite rock by the Arabian Sea that I so love. One of the appeals of it are the porpoises that swim by in schools looking for food and entertainment on their way past our village. At least to me they seem to be porpoises […]

CD Review: Eero Hämeenniemi / Unmatched

Unmatched  – Eero Hämeenniemi & Guru Kaaraikkudi mani / Kosmic Music 2005 (Released under the name Twins in Finland)

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