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Back in India

It’s been quite a while since the last post and lots of water has passed under the bridge. I won’t bore you with long explanations why there has been no posts, but I do apologize to all the subscribers.  Time to breathe new life into the blog.

So much has happened during the last six months and I’ve been to many interesting places and really wish to share some of that with all my readers out there.

At the moment I am again based in India, Chennai to be exact. So maybe my acclimatization in Finland didn’t work out as well as planned? I don’t kn0w, but I’m very excited to be back in my adopted homeland and have lots to write about.  In between I had time to visit Holland, Germany and France, and even a sprint through the Abu Dhabi airport which does make a hell of a racetrack actually.

In the previous posts I sometimes said I would write this or that, or review this or that product, some of which came to pass, some of which didn’t. Lesson learned. No advance planning from now on.

Chennai is a great place to live, Tamil culture being very ancient and vibrant. I will try to keep my camera with me to capture some of what’s going on.

I hope you will enjoy reading the posts to come.

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