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The Lichtwechsel Project

Recently the article Periods of Light, Periods of Darkness that I wrote last year and first posted on this blog was published as part of the Lichtwechsel (Change of Light) art project. As a result of an invitation for an exhibition in connection with the advent of Turku, Finland, becoming the cultural capital of Europe in […]

Bhimsen Joshi In Memoriam

As I woke up on the morning of the 25th I was confronted by the news I had feared after reading that Pandit Bhimsen Joshi had been hospitalized a few days earlier. The legend of Indian classical music had finally succumbed to multiple organ failure 11 days before his 89th birthday. I know it is […]

Back in India

It’s been quite a while since the last post and lots of water has passed under the bridge. I won’t bore you with long explanations why there has been no posts, but I do apologize to all the subscribers.  Time to breathe new life into the blog. So much has happened during the last six […]

Acclimatization In Progress

After my departure from India, visit to Vienna and subsequent arrival in Helsinki, I’ve needed some time to re-orient myself to this part of the world, hence no posts for a little while. Finndian will be reporting from Finland for a little while before heading back to India towards the end of the year, with […]

Students Forum for Indian Heritage

Last week I attended a lecture by Michel Danino at a gathering of the Students Forum for Indian Heritage at Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham University. In case you are not familiar with Mr. Danino he is a relatively well known self-established Indologist as well as the founding member of the International Forum for India’s Heritage. The most famous book […]

Meditation and Psycho-Physiological Variables

Recently I attended the reading of a PhD thesis paper at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Ernakulam. The study was entitled: The effect of meditation on the psycho-physiological variables. During this experiment the subjects practiced the Amrita Integrated Meditation Technique for eight months amidst their day to day lives all the while remaining […]

(a bit more) About Me

Recently someone asked me to write a bit more about myself for the blog i.e. who I am and what I do. Let it be said I don’t particularly enjoy writing about myself. I like writing about things I find exciting and that I’m interested in, with the wish that others might share my enthusiasm. […]

Bombay Lost & Found

Bombay Lost & Found

I finally picked up a copy of Maximum City: Bombay Lost & Found by Suketu Mehta during my last shopping trip to Ernakulam, the commercial capital of Kerala. This  time round I was mainly looking for some linen shirts and a new smartphone all the while trying hard to avoid bookstores as I always end up leaving […]

Porpoises For All Purposes

For the past few days I’ve been spending time sitting on my favorite rock by the Arabian Sea that I so love. One of the appeals of it are the porpoises that swim by in schools looking for food and entertainment on their way past our village. At least to me they seem to be porpoises […]

Indo-Finnish Fusion

While shopping in Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, I walked into the local Music World -store searching for some new music to fill my mp3 player with. I looked through the western rock and pop section, which by the way is surprisingly good these days, but found nothing of interest other than maybe the […]

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