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Guest Post: A Day With Ruskin Bond

The world is, according to a saying, only the size of each man’s head. Deodar trees, misty hills, night trains, haunted spirits, leaping langurs, mountain air, unhappy women and lonely children make the world of Ruskin Bond. And for 60 years, millions of readers have shared this world.

Guest Post: Interview With Ruskin Bond

I visited him for the first time, in February 2007, and since then, the bond has slowly strengthened. We connect to him well and he too has grown fond of the lively spirit of the Reading Rainbow children. He was most willing to talk to me candidly. “We are friends now,” he told me, “and […]

Guest Post: Interview with Madhav Chari

Pianist Madhav Chari talks about the spirit of jazz, linking his music to Indian philosophy and his experiential workshops. Divya Kumar listens in.