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Starting By Stopping

Sitting on the shore of the Arabian Sea this afternoon contemplating what direction my blog should take, I decided to start by stopping to conceptualize too much about what would be the outcome of this or that approach, or what kind of people would be drawn to such and such things, or how others might possibly judge my writings, which naturally already holds the bold presumption that someone would actually take the time to read what I write. Maybe this blog will just be the equivalent of my personal drawer, which is just fine too.

The most natural approach would seem to be at this point to start by writing freely about things that have moved me in some way during my sojourns in India, Europe and beyond, and do so with the hope that you, the possible reader out there, might find therein something of value to you in your present life situation and hopefully that it will even prove to be entertaining.

Included will be articles I have written for publication elsewhere and original material composed ex tempore for the blog.  As my life takes me here and there between east and west, maybe a few pieces of travel writing might creep in too, or maybe a review of a book that has moved me, or analysis of a piece of music I have heard live or otherwise…but now I am starting to look into possible futures again.

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2 Responses to “Starting By Stopping”

  1. Liisa Ekosaari says:

    Very nice way to start indeed!
    Just had a quick look at your “drawer” and really liked what I found there. You are a very skillfull writer, so enjoyable to read a good text! I liked your thoughts about light and dark and how it’s affecting the landscape of Finnish mind and spirit. Recognizing myself in it.
    Thank you for inviting me to your blog!

  2. Aleksi Lausti says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. I hope you keep finding interesting posts on the blog, and feedback is always welcome. All the best.

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