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Indo-Finnish Fusion

While shopping in Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, I walked into the local Music World -store searching for some new music to fill my mp3 player with. I looked through the western rock and pop section, which by the way is surprisingly good these days, but found nothing of interest other than maybe the misplaced John Coltrane album.

Next I browsed through my favorite Bollywood movie section coming across Sarkar Raj by Ramgopal Varma. The movie in question is the sequel to Sarkar, which is inspired by The Godfather and transposes it into a Bombay setting. I liked the first one with nice cinematography and good performance by Amitabh Bachchan the aging god of Hindi Cinema who is still going strong. In this sequel he is joined by his son Abhishek Bachchan who in turn is the main man of my generation in India. I just had to grab the DVD! But this entry is not about Sarkar Raj as I haven’t watched it yet. Am looking forward to it though, and will let you know.

Next I walked to the South-Indian classical music section and was surprised. I picked up an interesting CD: Eero Hämeenniemi & Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani – Unmatched. What could be a more perfect piece of music to write about on the blog than an Indo-Finnish collaboration I thought to myself.

As Finnish readers will know Eero Hämeenniemi is a reputed composer of modern orchestral music and jazz and spends much of his time in Tamil Nadu, South-India where he has his second home in Chennai. He has translated Tamil Poetry into Finnish along with the book about India also in Finnish Missä sade leikkii – Matkalla eteläisessä Intiassa.

On this particular CD are featured also other Finnish artists along with local Indian musicians. Let me listen to it and share some thoughts afterwards.

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