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CD Review: Madhav Chari

Madhav Chari – Parisian Thoroughfares / Virgin Records (India) 2009

CD Review: Eero Hämeenniemi / Unmatched

Unmatched  – Eero Hämeenniemi & Guru Kaaraikkudi mani / Kosmic Music 2005 (Released under the name Twins in Finland)

Indo-Finnish Fusion

While shopping in Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, I walked into the local Music World -store searching for some new music to fill my mp3 player with. I looked through the western rock and pop section, which by the way is surprisingly good these days, but found nothing of interest other than maybe the […]

Starting By Stopping

Sitting on the shore of the Arabian Sea this afternoon contemplating what direction my blog should take, I decided to start by stopping to conceptualize too much about what would be the outcome of this or that approach, or what kind of people would be drawn to such and such things, or how others might possibly […]

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