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Wine District of Grinzing

Wine District of Grinzing

Here I am in Vienna, a city and region that I’ve wanted to experience for quite some time – the aged capital of European art and culture having long beckoned me for a visit. There is a lot to write about so I will set about the task by writing several installments. And what better way to start with than the wines and natural beauty of the district of Grinzing.

Vienna is known for its Heurigen restaurants, traditional taverns that serve local wine and cuisine, sometimes accompanied by live music. The district of Grinzing is full of such establishments, most of which are beautifully preserved and lend the whole area a timeless and tranquil feel. The wine you will discover in this region is not the same you will find in your local store, but a local variety that can be mostly savored only in the authentic Heurigen taverns. Traditionally these taverns hang a branch of pine above the door to indicate the sale of homemade wine, so look for those. The taverns are mostly small, intimate and great value for money.

There are numerous vineyards surrounding the district that provide a great place to take a stroll and where you can trace the footsteps of Schubert and Beethoven who found inspiration in the surrounding nature. Also composer Gustav Mahler is buried in the Grinzing Cemetery. In many ways despite changing times the region has preserved its distinctly old world and small-town character.

Grinzing c.1900

The wine I sampled was a dry Riesling, which are very terroir-expressive, meaning they are influenced by the wine’s place of origin. And this one was no exception. I admit that I have not had the pleasure of  tasting Grinzinger Riesling before and was positively surprised at the quality of it. Quite exciting to be honest.

Usually especially the more well known Austrian Rieslings are known to be thick bodied, with a strong clarity of flavor coupled with a mouthwatering aroma. I am no expert in wines but to my taste this was no exception despite being a more homemade variety. For Indian readers it might be interesting to know that Riesling is one of the few wines that can stand up to and be served even with the stronger flavors and spices ie. Thai, Chinese and even Indian cuisine.

More reporting to come from Vienna, so stay tuned. Oh, and when arriving in Vienna by air, if you like things easy, comfortable and fast, I would recommend using At 25 Euros per ride you can’t beat it. Cheers!

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2 Responses to “Wine District of Grinzing”

  1. carlo huber says:

    you should go and try the wiener gemischter satz as well…
    Hajszan (Riesling, GS Weissleiten)
    Rotes Haus (Traminer, GS Classic)
    Mayer am Pfarrplatz (try their riesling ried alsegg)
    Christ (Gemischter Satz, Gelber Muskateller, GS Bisamberg Alte Reben)
    Zahel (GS Nussberg Grand Reserve & GV Goldberg & Antares)
    Cobenzl (GV Pfeffer)
    Goebel (red wines & Riesling)

    goto wieno weinbar close to the rathaus and taste most of them! enjoy!

  2. Aleksi Lausti says:

    Thanks for the tips Carlo!

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